The Face Behind Western Rim Properties

For a great many professional people, living in a state-of the art modern apartment in downtown Manhattan with a view of one of the great Texan lakes is a combination that is only witnessed in a flight of fancy or in a dream. Yet, the Grand Estates Housing Projects, created by the vision and innovation of the charismatic entrepreneur Marcus Hiles, have been astonishing the housing development world over recent years by realizing such a vision. With over 25,000 apartments to his name, they have provided luxurious and stylish living to thousands of Americans seeking the ease of urban life with the beautiful surroundings of America’s countryside. What is most striking about these buildings is not only the beautiful and pristine gated communities in which they operate, but how much emphasis has been placed on creating the most attractive interior design.

All the apartments boast elegant granite kitchens and bathroom counter-tops, complemented with superb wooden flooring. The kitchens are fitted with the latest innovative stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, under-cabinet lighting and sleek chrome features- with real porcelain tiles on the back of the counter-tops. This attention to detail is remarkable and has been featured in articles on Marcus Hiles, the face behind Western Rim Properties in numerous publications. The ceilings in the apartments are between 9-10ft high, offering a spacious yet cozy living environment. The colours further recreate a warm, relaxed and soft atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day’s work.

At the higher end of the apartment market, many come with an outdoor marble jacuzzi tub, perfect for those Spring and Fall evenings with a glass of champagne and a view of the stars unknown to city folk. The Grand Estates project recognizes the importance of living in an attractive and modern furnished home, and how it can greatly improve your personal well-being and happiness- hence their meticulous attention to detail when creating such elegant residences.

What is also hugely important is the sense of community environments like this offer the resident. Spending time with the other residences and enjoying the atmosphere created is integral to ensure a thriving community of happy aspirational individuals, believes Hiles. Getting the design absolutely perfect is the foundation on which these exciting new complexes are built. Why not visit the US Marcus Hiles Online site ( to learn more about these remarkable properties?

Community Living

The concept of living in residential communities is becoming an increasingly popular life-style choice for many professional Americans. And one property developer who has perhaps done more than any other to promote the advantages of community living is the Texan company, Western Rim Property Services. Western Rim has forged a reputation for constructing superbly fitted and designed modern apartments in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Its vision and enthusiasm for both the environment and the community is second to none, and this has had a very real impact on its continuing growth and expansion.

So what are the benefits of living in a residential community. One aspect Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles Dallas Real Estate, likes to emphasizes, is that they always create the facilities that they hope will encourage fraternity and community spirit amongst their residents. Every site is built with a social clubroom, which offers itself as a perfect venue for birthdays and celebrations of any type for any age, whilst also being a good place for adults to mingle in the evening. On certain nights it also provides a great social location to watch the sports games on the large television in the room.

The sites are also fitted with various wifi zones and also Starbucks cafes. Again they offer anther great place to meet other residents during the day or even work from your ‘home-office’. The activity centers and playgrounds for children are a great opportunity for the families in the residences to meet and entertain their children, along with the outdoor swimming pool which is great for all ages. All locations have a mail center, on demand concierge service and 24/7 maintenance service.

What Western Rim have sought to offer their residences is all the luxuries and benefits of living in a modern urban environments, with almost hotel like facilities whilst keeping the coziness and privacy of your won home. These residential communities look set to continue to flourish in the coming years because of the great sense of community encouraged by the developers, and may even see their popularity grow outside of the US in the near future. For additional information on Marcus Hiles, see the Dallas News or visit


To a golf enthusiast, San Antonio, Texas, really shouldn’t need much of an introduction. It is celebrated all over the world for its diversity of attractions ranging from Six Flags and Sea World to such legendary venues as the Alamo and Alamadome. It is surely impossible for anyone visiting or living in this part of the world not to discover something of interest to take part in. However, it is for the golfing aficionado – and those with a passion for living in an area of such staggering beauty – that the Estates at Briggs Range must seem like an earthly paradise.

The Golf Club of Texas lies in the valley alongside the estate. The Course itself has been designed by PGA legend Lee Trevino, and is just one of the hundreds of professionally acclaimed courses in the area. The Briggs Range Gold Club (rated as one of the top ten courses in the United States) is also close at hand- offering excellent facilities to practice your short game and swing before teeing off at one of the most scenic courses in this part of the world. Why not take a look at the many photographs taken of the course on Marcus D. Hiles CEO on Slideshare?

The Estates at the Briggs Range community boast a 4,500ft clubhouse which includes facilities for all your health & fitness requirements. These range from a modern, innovative fitness center, swimming pool, sports facilities, restaurants and very much more. It is a gated community, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times, and thrives on developing a diverse and social community of all age ranges. It is difficult to imagine that such a serene setting is only 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio, and therefore offers you a perfect natural residence while having all the conveniences of urban living. You can play 18 holes and have a lovely walk by the river during the day, then sit back in a restaurant with a gourmet dinner and a glass of wine by night. Two worlds rarely ever dovetail so perfectly.

The apartments are spacious and range from one-bedroom to four-bedrooms. They are fully furnished in a modern design and the full range of high-tech household appliances. The high ceilings and light/neutral decor ensure that you have the perfect place to relax after the perfect day on the course or in the country, secure in the knowledge that Marcus Hiles Houston – Real Estate, has ensured that you have everything you need right on your doorstep.

The Environment

Western Rim Property Services, led by its charismatic and visionary CEO Marcus Hiles, is a property development company which stands out from the rest. It is rare in this day and age to see property development companies devoting such an emphasis to limit the environmental impact of their developments on the countryside by committing to cultivate and protect the natural areas that surround their complexes. Based in Texas, the business has made noticeable commitments to lowering their ecological footprint, and this can clearly be seen in the attention to detail it brings to bear on the design and architecture of the estates and mansions which they bring to the area.

Since the company’s conception a decade ago, Western Rim has been promising you a better lifestyle. In order to deliver this promise, the company has overseen the development of 25,000 apartments. And at no point in their portfolio have they sacrificed their original vision of integrity and sustainability on the housing complexes they complete. Their efforts to remain environmentally-friendly – and showing due respect for the natural landscape – has been much appreciated by both the residents of the buildings and the local communities, who prior to the developments expressed concerns relating to the impact of such projects on the surrounding landscape.

When looking for locations, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim assert that it is determined to offer residents the best that rural living has to offer. Extraordinary landscapes and a range of outdoor activities – coupled with accessibility to urban centers such as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston – means that Western Rim is determined to fulfill the dreams of those wanting to experience the best of both these lifestyles. This remains integral to the philosophy of placing Western Rim properties in the right location.

When designing the layout of the complexes, the architects are encouraged to study the natural landscapes and try to integrate the buildings as naturally as possible in to the local landscape. Alongside this, all the buildings are built with weather stripping, reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems. By maintaining such high ecological standards, developers Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have ensured the carbon footprint of its residents and the local community remain as low as humanly possible.

Combining Urban and Rural Living

Marcus Hiles reflects on 2015.Marcus Hiles is a modern businessman, who offers opportunities for people with an increasingly strong desire to transform their lifestyle. As businesses look to expand their businesses and find places on cheaper land outside of urban centers, so does their demand for an educated workforce to follow them away from the cities and into the country. Professionals looking to follow in this path may, it seems, initially be reluctant to completely abandon all the attractive trappings that city-life has to offer.

Marcus Hiles is a long time property developer, who has been frequently featured in the real-estate pages of the Dallas News. He was one of a group of foresighted business men who spotted such a gap in the market for such professionals. His estates, such as Grand Estates Woodland, Estates at Briggs Ranch and Mansions 3Eighty, have all been developed to offer the resident all the comforts and conveniences of modern urban living whilst being set in economically prosperous and naturally beautiful parts of the country. The complexes offer amenities such as community clubs, bars, shops, wi-fi zones to work, health centers, mail rooms and medical facilities. No wonder then that people are moving there in droves.

Although some might see such projects as being slices of suburbia transported into remote locations, their importance to the local economies cannot be underestimated. Bringing a young, diverse, family-orientated group of professionals to an area can only have positive economic effects. Local businesses are thriving, while attracting new businesses to the area. The complexes are usually situated next to areas that provide excellent facilities for pursuing outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, bird-watching and running.

Many of the locations in Texas are also prime positioned for the golf enthusiast, being located next to some of America’s finest PGA designed golf courses. Whilst they offer the rural lifestyle in abundance, these complexes never drift too far into the wilderness. Most are located within driving distance of urban centers, should one get the need to once again feel the vibrancy of the big city. It is well worth searching through the Dallas Texas news pages to appreciate Marcus Hiles’ vision because he really has successfully catered for the demand of a rising workforce with very particular lifestyle aspirations. His estates are eco-friendly, thoughtfully designed, adorned with modern furnishings and chic interior design. They are safe, friendly and open-armed communities- so expect to see many more people flock to such places in the very near future.

The Leaders in Texas Luxury living

The Grand Estates at McKinney is the latest development added to ever-growing portfolio of Marcus Hiles and his visionary company Western Rim Property Services. They have become the market leaders in the state of Texas for developing state-of-the-art luxury living and highly designed residential communities, bringing economic prosper to the region. Their latest project is indicative of all they have achieved and set out to continue with over the coming years- embodying a vision of environmentally friendly and beautifully scenic rural living. The Grand Estates at McKinney are another sophisticated feat for the Texan -based company, and offers us a glimpse in to all that makes the company so special.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles see the location as key to making the residents feel like they have chosen the right home. The residential community is located in McKinney, Northern Texas, which was voted by Money Magazine in 2012 as the second best place to live in America. It is an historic town, centered around beautifully restored 19th century housing, providing a pleasant backdrop for what is a vibrant and prosperous town, with excellent restaurants and retail services.

What also makes these properties so special is the community the members-only residents complex that the houses center around. It brings like-minded people with a taste for sophistication and cultured design, and integral to the social community is the clubhouse in the middle. It offers a perfect opportunity for the community here to celebrate birthdays and other events with other residents. The center also features a large television, perfect for watching those big sporting events. The playground and activity center gives a chance for families to meet one another and watch their children grow together in a safe and pleasant environment.

The design is naturally of the highest specification- from granite work and bathroom services to marble floored entrance hallways. The appliances are all of stainless steel Whirlpool design and bathrooms tiled with the finest porcelain. What you have at The Grand Estates at McKinney is an embodiment of everything the company wish to present- class, elegance, luxury, sustainability, a sense of community and resort-like facilities to make you feel relaxed at all times within the confines of your own home. You can see more of Western Rim Property Services Homes and learn more about the company at New Port Classic Homes by Marcus D Hiles.

Mansions projects

In terms of creating high quality, luxury and elegant housing developments in the state of Texas, no one has achieved as much success and excellence as Western Rim Property Service. Through a blend of high specification design, unbeatable locations and well facilitated housing communities, the company have managed to provide for a range of aspirational Americans. Those looking to live in the peace and tranquillity of the stunning Texan nature, whilst remaining within distance of exciting urban areas have been provided with an opportunity to meet both desires through such projects. Visionary CEO Marcus Hiles and his company are the market leaders in proving quality, elegant homes for those looking to live a life of luxury.

The latest projects, Mansions, seek to couple families and young professionals with their ideal homes, elegantly designed, with a range of facilities and services on site that give the atmosphere of a highly catered hotel lifestyle. Some of the great community features of the projects include a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious social clubroom to promote and encourage the community spirit so important to Western Rim, playground and activity area for children, dedicated Starbucks cafe, on-demand concierge service and outdoor swimming area with training deck. What they have sought to create is a place residents can feel safe and stimulated within the confines of their community, whilst having an easy access to the attractions of urban living and entertainment on your doorstep.

The vision Western Rim have tried to impose has also states its commitment to developing green projects. All the housing complexes are noticeably leafy, and naturally slot into the rural landscape without being too imposing. The materials used to create the buildings are eco friendly, and all the power sources and logistics of the complexes use 39% less energy than the industry standard. The houses are installed with low e-windows, LED lighting and use VOC paints to decorate the interiors. The commitment to the environment seeps through every aspect of these projects.

The Mansions projects also have a keen eye on contributing to the local communities. Marcus Hiles often states that he hopes by bringing these projects to this part of Texas, so too businesses will follow to capitalize on the potential economic prosperity, having a positive knock on effect on all the communities. Western Rim Property Services have excelled in the market, and many communities in Texas will hope they continue to do so.

Urban living meets country bliss

It is not uncommon for people now to desire the peace and harmony of country living with the conveniences that urban life affords you. Finding the balance of both can be difficult, trying to satisfy both aspects of life without ruining the balance that makes these styles so living so attractive. The Grand Estates in the Forest in Conroe, Texas, os one such housing development of a wave of complexes that have been established over the past few years to satisfy the these increasingly sought after lifestyles. It resides in an area of outstanding forest beauty, in close proximity to exciting nature activities, golf courses and national parks.

The Woodlands waterway has developed a thriving urban area with shops, restaurants and a buzzing evening atmosphere, pedestrianized and pleasant, offering that slice of city life that many feel so reluctant to give up when moving to the country. One such reason for the rise of these housing complex phenomena is the relocation of large corporations- Exxon Mobile, Fox Network Group and Chevron to name a few- to areas such as this. Naturally they require teams of skilled professionals, and can understand the difficulty of attracting such talent too far away from large metropolises. However complexes like The Grand Estates in the Forest are part of a movement to make a home away from home for those pursuing job interests into the countryside.

And whilst it is the attraction of having city conveniences that may sway some to moving to such complexes, it cannot be denied that the opportunities to explore nature still must prove the driving force in attracting a diverse community from bachelors to families to such places. Biking, bird-watching, horse riding, and hiking- any outdoors activity you can imagine is catered for in the area.

As with all of these modern complexes, The Grand Estates in the Forest is a secured gated community- perfect for families- and has the wonderful details of a health center, expert personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, outdoor wi-fi lounge….the list goes on. The apartments are kitted out with state of the art household appliances, and are fully furnished and decorated in a light and spacious manner. It offers you the perfect balance of home living with essence of hotel service. For many, complexes like this have proven the answer to many who have been deliberating the urban vs rural living debate, and will no doubt start a wave of countryside relocation.

Keeping In Touch

Marcus Hiles – Chairman & CEO at Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes has always made sure that his company is in touch with the world around him through a whole number of methods that are up to date with current developments. The property market is notoriously competitive and part of what has helped Western Rim to stay at the forefront of the race is this ability to meet people’s needs in the current day. According to Marcus Hiles there is no better way to guarantee success than through listening to the audience of your age and knowing what the generation wants in a home. The result has been a number of cutting edge home developments that were quickly snapped up by customers demanding this kind of housing. In this article we take a look at the ways that Marcus Hiles has kept his company safe for the future and adaptable at all times when working.

According to Western Rim Property Services- Marcus Hiles Official Page page on facebook he was inspired by the technology around him to improve the way that his properties worked and functioned as whole units. Today we are surrounded by technology and it is active in every part of our lives, particularly present in our use of mobile phones. Marcus Hiles took note of how much his younger customers engaged with technology and made the commitment to integrate technology into all his homes. This is why you will find only the most cutting edge designs at any Marcus Hiles property and many that include wi-fi services or a digital concierge. In the future Marcus Hiles foresees the use of robotic aids and automated cleaning services, and he has invested money into these futuristic endeavors for research.

Marcus Hiles also maintains a huge presence online as he believes that this is the number one way to keep in touch in the contemporary world. Some of the things that he has done is to create numerous web pages that address different aspects of his career and to make sure that there are Responses available at all times for his email and social media accounts. If communication is the key then being responsive is the best possible way to stay in touch with your clients, so says Marcus Hiles, who today prides himself as being one of the most forward thinking property businessmen in the market.

Connecting Residents

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services is a property developer, entrepreneur and community planner that lives and works in his home state of Texas. It is here that he has enjoyed great success through the quality properties he has provided across the state and gained renown for his integrity and hard working attitude in the field. In the area of real estate he is often held up to be something of a star and it is not uncommon to hear agents discussing his newest properties. His role has not come easy and is the result of open minded thinking that puts an extra effort into making sure all possible areas of covered. Marcus Hiles has discovered the right way to approach situations in this business and he often highlights the importance of connectivity in his work. Just what does this mean?

Marcus Hiles states that his work really revolves around connecting people in more ways than one. The first way is of literally connecting people with the properties that he provides. Marcus Hiles has realized that making sure a property fits the client relies on the property providing more than just a place to live. It must be a full living experience in order to be connected with, adored and loved by the resident. For this reason every property that Marcus Hiles works on values the environment around it and creates spaces that can be shared and enjoyed together so as to bring a sense of community to any living experience. For years customers have spoken highly of Marcus Hiles residences and have found themselves living there permanently and raising families on the grounds.

This brings us to the next point in the idea of connectivity; Marcus Hiles also speaks about bringing people together. Because every property from Marcus Hiles includes parks, green spaces, spas and relaxation lounges there are guaranteed encounters between the residents of any one building. Marcus Hiles Aims To Provide Exceptional Luxury to Residents. He also makes sure that the entire site is a hub of people that know each other and share the same passions for high standard as himself, therefore encouraging new encounters. These are long term properties that set out to do the utmost for their residents instead of being short term passing properties. Looking to the long run and making homes for the future is the business of Marcus Hiles and it has helped people connect for many years running now, and shall continue to do so.

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