Upscale in Arlington Housing Market, by Marcus Hiles

Upscale in Arlington Housing Market, by Marcus Hiles

Arlington Luxury Investor, Marcus Hiles, Head of Western Rim, company based in the Texan city, just delivered his thoughts on news regarding an upscale in Texas housing market during the year’s first quarter. Hiles prepared for this long time ago, this is the reason why his Estates brand offers deluxe properties to those in the said state. “Renters are eager to embrace fancy urban living at affordable rates,” says Hiles. “Our five Estates communities offer signature amenities designed to appeal to any individual, such as singles, married and retirees who have chosen the rental lifestyle.” “Our goal was to design the best of both worlds,” Hiles states, “an exclusive lakeside escape that’s a stone’s throw away from vibrant nightlife and a thriving arts community.”

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