Marcus Hiles Encourages Active Lifestyle Among Tenants

Marcus Hiles Encourages Active Lifestyle Among Tenants

Marcus Hiles encourages prospective renters to pick locations with walking paths, saying that tenants who take advantage of even mild exercising on the paths benefit from healthier lives. A 2008 study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine gives further evidence, suggesting that those who live near park areas tend to have a lower risk of obesity. In 2010, a study by the journal Social Science and Medicine determined that people who reside near open spaces were more relaxed as compared to others who spent less time outdoors. Hiles, a firm believer in community building, explains that beyond their ability to help reduce energy costs and promote active lifestyles, trails also promote a sense of closeness among neighbors, with the walkways encouraging spontaneous meetings and interactions. Environmental, practical and fun, these shared public meeting places are an amenity no housing development should be without.

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