Marcus Hiles Gives To After School Programs In Texas

Marcus Hiles Gives To After School Programs In Texas

While consistent work in a good-paying job is a strong building block of security for one’s family, there is an equal need to protect the safety and well-being of children. In line with this, Marcus Hiles has made significant contributions to meal programs in Texas, in addition to donations of more than a quarter million dollars to inner city after school programs. And, in order help future generations of young women obtain success, Hiles has donated 200 new DELL computers and monitors for students in Texas’ urban areas. The prominent real estate developer’s commitment to helping women and children is unwavering, as his own modest upbringing – a time when buying a donut or an ice cream cone was a special treat – has fueled his passion for philanthropy and desire to ensure that women who are less fortunate can create bright futures for themselves and their families.

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