Marcus Hiles- Properties Bring Definitive Test of Cellulose Sound Insulation

Marcus Hiles- Properties Bring Definitive Test of Cellulose Sound Insulation

All homes developed and built by Marcus Hiles afford from the cellulose sound insulation as it helps decrease energy consumption and provides a greener living space. Cellulose is most often arranged of recycled waste newspaper, and in the interest of safety, is chemically treated to be fire retardant. With the qualified installation practices used on Hiles properties, cellulose completes walls and suspends variation, beneficial in adequate heating and cooling during cold and hot seasons, thereby lessening utility bills. A subject by the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning settled that cellulose fall short by 26.4% less heat energy over time versus fiberglass. Team up this logical construction option with Hiles’ other ecological and economical materials and it becomes immediately clear why properties designed by Marcus Hiles both sound and feel truly splendid. The homes’ prime weather stripping keeps cooled air in, the dual pane windows reduce heat loss by as much as 75 percent, and attics are appointed with exceedingly reflective radiant barrier roof panels that reflect heat and “reduce up to 97 percent of heat transfer, making attics about 30 degrees cooler,” says Hiles. From the Lone Star State’s sweltering summers to the chilliest winter nights, the full depth cellulose sound insulation of Hiles homes ensures quietness and enjoyment year round.

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