Marcus Hiles - On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Marcus Hiles – On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Flexibility has become an important concept, and Marcus Hiles says that homes are being built with open floor plans and adaptable rooms that can easily be adjusted to accommodate new arrivals for growing families. The idea of implied spaces—areas identified by different materials or colors found in ceilings or floors—is a contemporary way to make interiors appear larger while avoiding traditional obstructions like multiple walls. Breaking through barriers is what cutting-edge design is all about: larger windows allow for extra natural light and can replace walls outright, while helping to blend the indoors with the outside world. In order to make homes more desirable places to be, hot tubs, fitness areas and spas have been appearing in private residences, making relaxation and fitness easier than ever. And as the popularity of cooking gourmet-worthy meals has grown, so have kitchens: with restaurant-grade appliances and furniture like islands, kitchens are typically allotted additional overall square footage and have become the center of the house, overtaking dining and living rooms as the place families come together.

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Located near the sparkling waters of Lake Lewisville, and just a short drive from the vibrant cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, The Luxe 3Eighty offers the best of all possible worlds: Easy access to big-city culture with the upscale comfort and privacy of a secluded, members-only community. Our exclusive, world-class residence provides young professionals and families with a seamlessly luxurious way of life. Amenities abound, including a well-appointed clubhouse, massive resort-style pool and tanning deck, leading-edge fitness center, plush comfortable lounge, a cozy Starbucks® Wi-Fi Café and much more.
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Marcus Hiles – The Mansions of Wylie from Marcus Hiles on Vimeo.

Marcus Hiles’ communities encourage beneficial lifestyles by supplying top of the line fitness equipment, organizing group events, and incorporating their beautiful natural surroundings. The Mansions of Wylie, located in the heart of vibrant Wylie, TX, allow for new and exciting experiences every day. The premier apartments offer luxurious, resort style living in a unique city filled with alluring attractions. Each distinguished resident has unlimited access to a billiards room, scenic trails, fitness center, cardio theater, swimming pool and heated spa, private dog park, and a personal trainer.

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The Mansions at Travesia from Marcus Hiles on Vimeo.

The Mansions at Travesia go beyond mere luxury. Designed to exceed your highest expectations, our exclusive members-only community lies cradled deep in the heart of beautiful Texas Hill Country, yet just minutes away from the vibrant, world-renowned Austin scene. Giving you the best of both worlds, right at your fingertips.

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Marcus Hiles Gives To After School Programs In Texas

Marcus Hiles Gives To After School Programs In Texas

While consistent work in a good-paying job is a strong building block of security for one’s family, there is an equal need to protect the safety and well-being of children. In line with this, Marcus Hiles has made significant contributions to meal programs in Texas, in addition to donations of more than a quarter million dollars to inner city after school programs. And, in order help future generations of young women obtain success, Hiles has donated 200 new DELL computers and monitors for students in Texas’ urban areas. The prominent real estate developer’s commitment to helping women and children is unwavering, as his own modest upbringing – a time when buying a donut or an ice cream cone was a special treat – has fueled his passion for philanthropy and desire to ensure that women who are less fortunate can create bright futures for themselves and their families.

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Marcus Hiles – Mansions at Stone Hill from Marcus Hiles on Vimeo.

One of Western Rim Property Services’ most popular developments is the Mansions at Stone Hill, located just north of Austin, Texas. Marcus Hiles, founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties, designed the Mansions at Stone Hill to be a perfect complement between an energetic culture and the resilient beauty of the Texas landscape. Here, residents can enjoy the feel of a rural life, yet a vibrant, vivacious city is just a few miles down the road.

The Mansions at Stone Hill feature a 370-unit apartment complex with options available for both luxury and senior living. Hiles and Western Rim selected this Pflugerville location due to its proximity to Austin as well as important social locations like Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, 24-Hour Fitness, several fast-food restaurants, and a movie theatre. On site itself, residents have access to a social lounge with HDTV entertainment, an ultramodern fitness center, and a resort-style pool. A key component of the Western Rim Properties philosophy is to create a community spirit within the development, and the Mansions at Stone Hill provide that spirit in abundance.

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Marcus Hiles- Properties Bring Definitive Test of Cellulose Sound Insulation

Marcus Hiles- Properties Bring Definitive Test of Cellulose Sound Insulation

All homes developed and built by Marcus Hiles afford from the cellulose sound insulation as it helps decrease energy consumption and provides a greener living space. Cellulose is most often arranged of recycled waste newspaper, and in the interest of safety, is chemically treated to be fire retardant. With the qualified installation practices used on Hiles properties, cellulose completes walls and suspends variation, beneficial in adequate heating and cooling during cold and hot seasons, thereby lessening utility bills. A subject by the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning settled that cellulose fall short by 26.4% less heat energy over time versus fiberglass. Team up this logical construction option with Hiles’ other ecological and economical materials and it becomes immediately clear why properties designed by Marcus Hiles both sound and feel truly splendid. The homes’ prime weather stripping keeps cooled air in, the dual pane windows reduce heat loss by as much as 75 percent, and attics are appointed with exceedingly reflective radiant barrier roof panels that reflect heat and “reduce up to 97 percent of heat transfer, making attics about 30 degrees cooler,” says Hiles. From the Lone Star State’s sweltering summers to the chilliest winter nights, the full depth cellulose sound insulation of Hiles homes ensures quietness and enjoyment year round.

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The Mansions McKinney provides nothing but the most deluxe amenities for those who desire extravagance every day. You’ll enjoy access to an elaborate clubhouse featuring two luxurious, resort-style pools, a high-tech fitness center, and a modern lounge with HDTV entertainment. And those lucky enough to live in “The Square” will enjoy an elevated amenity offering. Whether relaxing in your posh home, indulging in the select community offerings, taking in the area’s delightful surroundings, or heading downtown for some entertainment, you’ll love every aspect of your lifestyle and home.

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CEO Marcus Hiles Discuss the Latest Trends In Residential Architecture

CEO Marcus Hiles Discuss the Latest Trends In Residential Architecture

Marcus Hiles discusses outdoor trends that offer minimal maintenance and optimal design. Open areas that are sustainable and reduce utility coasts are rising in demand. Green methods including rainwater and graywater harvesting and permeable paving are some of the most sought after features discussed by the CEO of Western Rim Property Services.

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Marcus Hiles - Marcus Hiles –Texas Is Role Model for Other US States for Its Growth-Focused

Marcus Hiles – Marcus Hiles –Texas Is Role Model for Other US States for Its Growth-Focused

If Texas were a sovereign nation, it would take pride in being recognized the world’s twelfth largest economy, by its gross domestic product (GDP). Real estate investor and developer Marcus Hiles attributes the Lone Star state’s impressive records to its unmatched commitment to less government regulation and decreased spending, and calls on other states to follow Texas’ best practice. “Over years, our leaders have boosted a favorable environment for businesses and the rest of Texans to operate and maximize their profits,” he explains. “We have no corporate or personal income tax, and the Legislature’s consistent efforts to curb spending growth is noteworthy.”

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