Texas improved from the recession with job increases two years sooner than the rest of the nation. By January 2016 1.3 million jobs had been established since the employment peak before the recession. Marcus Hiles, knowledgeable property developer in the state, notes that the Texas Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), that calculates fiscal optimism through saving and spending habits is seeing significant gains over the rest of the country. The increase in the economic stability in the lone star state has resulted in a dramatic rise in housing sales and local communities. The cost of real estate went up by 5.9 percent over previous years. Read More: http://markets.ask.com/ask/news/read/32357697

From a state perspective, Texas has shown no shortage of growth. Homes are being built at the fastest pace seen in Dallas-Fort Worth in nearly a decade, and studies conducted by the University of Texas show that employment has consistently trended positively in San Antonio, while research director of UTSA Institute for Economic Development, Thomas Tunstall, projects that “growth will continue to flow into the local economy for years.” Marcus Hiles believes that the best way to further enlarge the housing market across the state will be through sustained enactment of strong laws to protect and grow the labor force. The recent past provides a solid back up for this position: after the housing bubble crisis crippled real estate prices nationwide, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex was less impacted than nearly any other major city, with a Fortune article reporting that the cause for the sturdy economy traces back to the “more than 100,000 new jobs added each year in North Texas.” The rationale lies in its reputation for being a business-friendly area with major corporations like Toyota, State Farm and Liberty Mutual relocating in recent years to the fourth-most populous American urban center. Forbes suggests that zoning and land-use construction burdens may be lifted across the U.S., as the new presidential administration could bring in an era of eased regulations and reduced building costs. Relaxed regulations for small banks may allow them to conduct business differently and encourage development as well, having the ability to approve more loans for new housing development.

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Marcus Hiles, the renowned real estate developer and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, urges home seekers to invest in properties that install air conditioners with SEER ratings of 16 or better. The US Department of Energy requires all new homes to have units with a 13 or better rating, but Hiles insists that the higher the number, the better. When compared to an older homer with a dated air conditioner, energy efficient unites can cut cooling costs by up to 60%, and reduce carbon emissions by 327,000 tons.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Elegant Lifestyle’s Role In Modern Living

Marcus Hiles Discusses Elegant Lifestyle’s Role In Modern Living

Hotel-style amenities are featured at many of Marcus Hiles Dallas neighborhoods, including swimming pools with tanning decks and outdoor gourmet summer kitchens where young professionals and families can enjoy the scenic Texas surroundings. Home designs inherently promote a sense of community with wi-fi lounges and clubrooms boasting HDTV and Blue-Ray entertainment options. Renters also can take advantage of an on-site trainer within a state-of-the-art fitness center. Location is always a key factor during development planning, with Hiles’ trademark being close proximity to both the outdoors and big city conveniences, as all of Western Rim’s properties sit within walking distance of golf courses, nature trails, waterways and lush forests. The units themselves provide elegance and comfort with chic features including crown moldings, upscale kitchen cabinets and counters, and the best quality fixtures.

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Marcus Hiles Continues Building For Energy Efficiency

Marcus Hiles Continues Building For Energy Efficiency

Marcus Hiles’ rental homes, townhomes and apartments feature energy efficient practices without sacrificing luxurious amenities. The rooves on each building are installed with highly reflective radiant barrier panels that can cut heat transfer by up to 97 percent, reducing indoor temperatures by 30 degrees. High-quality weather stripping and dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas along with a solar heat gain coefficient of a minimum of 0.22 assist in preventing heat loss. Indoors, every unit is equipped with Energy Star rated appliances that not only reduce the resident’s carbon footprint, but minimize utility costs. The industry standard for air conditioners is to install units with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 12 to 14, but Hiles insists on using only units with SEER values of over 16. As a result, residents throughout his 15,000 properties have reduced their carbon emissions by 32,000 tons, while accruing almost half a million dollars in savings.

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Marcus Hiles Works To Better Urban School System

Marcus Hiles Works To Better Urban School System

While the many magnet schools located throughout Dallas’ affluential suburbs are regarded among the country’s best public high schools, touting world-class instructors and facilities, the inner city district portrays a starkly different image, and reflects what is becoming an epidemic throughout the nation’s urban communities: an overwhelming majority of children living in dire circumstances. In the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), notes Marcus Hiles, 86 percent of students qualify for free and reduced-price meal plans, and the state considers 66 percent of the district’s students to be at risk for dropping out, according to the New York Times. Furthermore, a report submitted in a recent City Hall Council Meeting concluded that 38 percent of children in the downtown area are either homeless or live in a family that earns a gross income beneath the poverty line, although more than 27,000 of the individuals in these families work full-time jobs.

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Marcus Hiles - On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Marcus Hiles – On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Flexibility has become an important concept, and Marcus Hiles says that homes are being built with open floor plans and adaptable rooms that can easily be adjusted to accommodate new arrivals for growing families. The idea of implied spaces—areas identified by different materials or colors found in ceilings or floors—is a contemporary way to make interiors appear larger while avoiding traditional obstructions like multiple walls. Breaking through barriers is what cutting-edge design is all about: larger windows allow for extra natural light and can replace walls outright, while helping to blend the indoors with the outside world. In order to make homes more desirable places to be, hot tubs, fitness areas and spas have been appearing in private residences, making relaxation and fitness easier than ever. And as the popularity of cooking gourmet-worthy meals has grown, so have kitchens: with restaurant-grade appliances and furniture like islands, kitchens are typically allotted additional overall square footage and have become the center of the house, overtaking dining and living rooms as the place families come together.

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Marcus Hiles – The Mansions of Wylie from Marcus Hiles on Vimeo.

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